Facility Rental Policy

1.  Functions for the Church take precedence over all other functions.  If there is a funeral of a church member and the church is needed for this, any function scheduled will be cancelled/rescheduled.

2.  Rental of facility:

A.  Members will be able to use the facility, as long as necessary opening/closing are

able to be made.

B:  Service fees for non-members:

1. Building                   $250.00

2. Security                   $100.00 per man (4C will determine if needed)

3. Sound                      $250.00

4. Video                        $100.00

5. Rehearsal                 $100.00

6. Deposit                     $400.00 (Deposit must be paid prior to reserving

    the building.  Any cleaning fees will be taken out of deposit and the

    remainer will be returned.)

Rules for Facility Rental are as follows.

1. Absolutely no Alcohol or drug use allowed.

2. No equipment on the stage is to be handled by those using the facility.

Only designated church staff.

3. If rental date falls on Saturday, the building must be ready for Church

service on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  To ensure this happens, the church

cleaning team will need time to clean the facility after your event, so

renter must vacate by 4:00 p.m. the day of event.